Sunday, January 29, 2017

I'm having an identity crisis.

This blog was started years ago before I retired and started working on who I really wanted to be. Because of that, there are several fits and starts, miscellaneous posts mostly about art, but now I'm thinking I might want to take it in another direction.
Sure, I'll keep posting new art since that's what I'm into at the moment, but I'm also thinking I might use this space to really blog about stuff. Maybe it will be important to me, maybe it will be esoteric, but I'm feeling like I either need to use this site or shut it down.
On the other hand, I don't want to write just to see my words in print. So it may not be a regular event. I'll try to blog only when I have something to say. And I'll try to keep it civil, though the occasional rant might be the order of the day.
Today for instance, I'm faced with frustration with being misquoted in the press. In the grand scheme of things, this isn't such a big deal. It's just that it's the 2nd time this month. I know, you're probably thinking any press is good press and in a way, that may be true. And in the first instance it really was just the reporter misquoting me and my opinion about something I spoke about in front of our city council. Nothing earthshaking and, as it turns out, I've decided I'm not all that opposed to what they are planning after all. But I spoke for less that 3 minutes and she got 3 things wrong! Plus she listed my address in the article. I thought this was taboo but there it was for all the world to read. Sigh. I didn't do anything about it but I know the reporter and see her now and then so I'll just mention it next time I see her.
Today's article was not misquoting what I said. It was more a case of a lack of fact checking. You'd think with all the noise lately about alternative facts, they'd be more careful when the had the chance. I did write the reporter immediately (well, after I ranted and raved a bit and got it out of my system) and she agreed to print a correction tomorrow but that doesn't change the fact that a potentially wonderful article is rendered somewhat useless to me as far as sharing it with the world goes.
Oh well. There are much more important things to expend my energy on. Like today I absolutely positively have to vacuum the house. The cat hair and dust bunnies are beginning to form a union.
Till next time,

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