Thursday, April 9, 2009

Some exciting new things in my life lately. I was honored to be invited to join the North Windsor Artists. They are a small group of painters who have been working together for years. Two of their members have decided to give up their membership to pursue another gallery so I was invited to join North Windsor in the place of one of them. My friend Robyn Ryan will be joining as well. NWA has a long wall of space that they rent in LibertyTown Arts Workshop, a local gallery, and I will get to display my paintings there and hopefully, sell them. This means however, that the work I hang there will not be sold through this blog. I will continue to post my work here and if you are interested in purchasing anything, just leave me a comment and I'll get back to you. If it's hanging at the gallery, it will need to be purchased through them.

I have had a small piece (the green pepper above) accepted into the current exhibit at LibertyTown. It's a show all about food so my work is a natural. I was delighted to have a piece accepted. It's a fun show.

Making plans to do a workshop with Gwen Bragg this summer so I hope to get a lot of work done there. Stay tuned. Meanwhile, check out Robyn's work ( and my BFF Jeanne Bauer ( on their sites.


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