Wednesday, July 8, 2009

New work

Below are 3 new pieces that I did at Orkney Springs last week. I've got several more in various stages of completion and will post them as soon as they are done. Trying to get ready for a show in August and will be taking a plein air course at the Workhouse Art Center for the next 4 weeks. I'll post what I do in class as I do it.
I feel like each time I pick up the brush I learn something new. It's very exciting. I only wish I had more time but I've still got to pay for my habit. More later...

Greek Isle

This was done from a photo I took on vacation a few years ago. One of my work colleagues bought it. I found that amusing because I thought of it as my "warm up" piece. I'm glad he liked it though.


This was done from a photo I took of one of my classmates. She's a beautiful woman and I didn't do her justice but it does look like the photo.

Garden Shed

The assignment was to paint an interior. I decided to tackle my garden shed since I had a photo of it. I left out half of the clutter but it was great fun. I enjoyed the freedom of the piece.