Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Autumn leaves

Okay. So I didn't complete the 30 in 30 challenge. But I did learn some stuff from it. I learned that it's ok to commit to something and not be able to accomplish it. I'm not beating myself up over it. I made a bet of a glass of wine with a sketching friend and neither of us completed 30 paintings. So we'll buy each other a glass of wine next time we're together. Another thing I learned is that it is very hard to keep the freshness in a painting when working from a sketch in my sketchbook. The sketches are always so much more lively and spontaneous. I want to learn how to make that happen in my paintings. Anyway, I've moved on and today as I was at work with little to do, I walked outside, gathered some fallen leaves and brought them in to my desk to sketch. All I had with me was a very small Moleskine sketchbook and a #2 pencil so that's what I used. I found it difficult to get the values right. The leaves were so similar in value that they all sort of blended together. But at least I sketched something. Maybe my October challenge will be to just sketch something each day. Might be more doable.


Valerie Gardiner said...

Hi Paula, I've enjoyed looking at your blog and especially like the French journal and your botanical drawings are exquisite. Thanks too for your appreciation of my drawings on Nature Sketchers. I haven't seen your sketches before so now I will bookmark you!

Paula said...

Thanks Valerie! I've admired your work on Nature Sketchers for quiet a while. It's so much fun to get to know artists from all over.