Sunday, December 7, 2008

my new garden shed studio

When I first moved into my house a few years ago, there was the beginning of a gazebo in the back corner of the garden. It had a wooden floor and four corner posts connected at the top on all four sides by 2x6 boards. Being the scrounge that I am, I had collected a few unusual windows over the years for just the right project. Then I found a French door and realized that I had what I needed to turn the gazebo into a shed. I hired a friend to help me and between us, we constructed a very usable structure. Of course, as soon as it was up and filled with garden gear, I began thinking it would be fun to make it into a studio. This fall I finally decided to make that happen. I got rid of any extraneous garden equipment, hung a lot of things on the wall and moved it all to one side which gave me room for a small table and a comfortable chair facing the large window. I have plans now to add electricity since, without heat it won't be very user friendly until spring. But at least it's a space. See the images below.

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Risa said...

The whole thing is a work of art... the shed growing into a studio. Happy painting!