Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Day 3 of "30 in 30"

Here's a little sketch I did last night. I ran out of daylight so had to go with something inside. I've enjoyed these end-of-summer flowers so thought I'd try a sketch of them. I may make this into a larger painting. There is a lot I see "off" with this one but it doesn't really bother me since it is just a quickie.
I would like to work more on the glass vase and the shine on the table. Looking at it online, the reflection of the books doesn't really "read" and the perspective of the table is wonky. Not that it has to be perfect, but if one part is like that, it seems to me the rest should be as well. Maybe I just need to do it again and make it all more wonky. Perhaps left handed. This one will serve as a decent study.

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